Your Definition

Written on February 17th, 2015

reading faces is different than reading books
your lexile score can’t tell you what kind of friend you are
or how many people will leave you
a high ACT doesn’t mean you’ll be that many points happier
and your 4.0 can make you think you know it all
only to let you down when you’re asked the real questions

on the standardized scale, I am in the 99th percentile
but that has no weight on the quality of my relationships
or the extent of my joy
knowledge is subjective –
you can be articulate, but not know how to give comfort
filling in bubbles does not equate to long term success
you are not required to formulate your feelings into five paragraph essays
and the percent error of your life can be far past “agreeable”

take time to learn more than formulas – you are more than a figure
learn how to cry yourself to sleep
then learn how to get up the next day
don’t worry about the science of the sun for a minute,
just worry about soaking it up
because I’ve known smart people who have done dumb things
and I’ve known failures who understand more than their opposites

so don’t let your definition come from a book
you belong in the sky, the sea, the corners of the earth
your home is not a wooden desk
and you are not so rigid