Written on December 6th, 2013

In those thunderstorm nights of last spring
I used to play a song you had shown me on repeat
Because it made the nights more friendly
And it reminded me of you
I could fall asleep with the notes pouring into my ears even as it poured outside
And instead of watching the lightning illuminate the night in flashes
I watched the thought of you fill my mind with possibility

Little did I know that you were a thunderstorm yourself
In that you arrived with warning enough, a slight breeze, a change of wind,
Then exploded into something beautiful and unexplained and enamoring all at once
Nothing could have prepared me for the power you held
Because even the best weatherman struggles to predict the strength of his passion
And you were the kind of storm that drizzles for a while before drowning the earth
The kind that hangs in the air before slamming down its feet
But cloud by lovely cloud you changed the landscape of my world,
Through raindrops and lightning and the songs you would sing
It started off steady, slow, then came over me all at once
Until I was breathless and singing along
And though I’m not a fan of thunder,
I was a very big fan of you
You were somehow both the storm, and my comfort from the noise

And even though it’s winter now, and spring rains have long since faded
I find myself kept awake by thunder at night
And I still take refuge in a song you once showed me
Because though the sky is clear and the stars are bright
The night is unfriendly if you are gone