Salt and Seaweed and Strength

Written on March 24th, 2018

I was five years old the first time these waves beckoned
and I jumped in fully clothed
in that moment, without knowing, I buried a piece of myself on this beach
a sliver that still soaks through the sand to warm my feet

I find solace in the sameness
my whole life has changed but this ocean is exactly as I left it
to come back, year after year, and collapse into familiar bliss
it’s a beautiful thing in the midst of life’s twists

and though three years have passed this time instead of just one
I’m amazed at the way my heart knows the shore’s soul
I am grounded in the patterns etched by the vast tides
the fierceness of the waves reminds me I once learned to fly

so I sit on a beach I know inside and out
my scrawled handwriting has stayed the same, too
and the sun sinks, my heart sings, the horizon bleeds
I breathe in salt and seaweed and strength