Monkey Bars

Written on April 16th, 2014

just because someone hurt you
does not mean that they are evil
we have all stepped on some toes while running full speed through life

and just because someone didnt understand
does not mean that they dont care
because we have all had times where we don’t know what to say

and I think if you look there is something to love about everybody
the same way we seem to excel at finding something to hate

and I think if you try you can always be better
because anyone who says they’re perfect is composed of lies

and if youre ever feeling down,
remember that we have all been annoying and we have all been bad friends
every single one of us has mistakes to our name
you are no worse than anyone else until you start believing you are better

and just because someone failed
does not mean that they are a failure
because we have all known what it’s like to have our hands fall off the monkey bars
(even though our grip was as strong as it could be)

and I think if we are willing we can find new ways to laugh
because sometimes ugly things just need to be looked at upside down