Life Is Not About Numbers

Written on September 26th, 2014

People will come and people will go
But life is not about numbers
Your experiences are not failed experiments and your future is not a list of statistics –
No, it’s not about the number of breaths you take but rather about the way foggy morning air tastes as it makes its way into your lungs
And it’s not about how many fish you reel in, it only matters who you caught them with

It’s not about the numbers of jokes we’ve made – it’s all about the feeling of laughter in the pit of my stomach and the way you squint your eyes
It isn’t about how many miles separate you from love but about how every time you cross them, you know you’ve made the right choice

And the number of failures you have to your name doesn’t compare to the way the sun rises every day just to shed light on your life
No one counts the individual sparkles in your eyes because I’m always too busy just admiring the shine
But what matters is that I know they’re there

It isn’t about the number of friends you have, but the quality of the conversations
And it isn’t about how many secrets you’ve told, but about your trust to those you’ve shared with
Life isn’t about the numbers on your paycheck, or your phone, or even your birth certificate
Because life is about the way rain falls on rooftops and smoke trails from fires and dogs lick your hands and life is about hugging the man you love and knowing he is everything you could ever need

Life isn’t about the dates or the times or the numbers of things that have gone wrong
Life isn’t about numbers at all

2+2=4 but you and me is worth more and I could count the days we’ve been together, or I could look forward to the memories to come
It’s not about the number of people you’ve loved or the number of people you’ve hurt
It’s not about the number of things you have, but how thankful you are for them

Because life’s pretty amazing when you take the time to see it
And you can count every day
Or you can live every day