Hey look, a website!

Written on June 7th, 2015

So, Clompish is a thing again! Sort of, anyway. I’ve been really longing for a place to put all of my writing, and I want to actually share with people whom I might never get the chance to meet in person. So I’m bringing my old, old website back… just with different motivation. No more rudimentary graphics and poorly coded webpages for me, folks!

Since I was last active on here I’ve grown six inches, made it through all of high school (I graduate in two days!), and am so ready for college and the future. I feel that I’ve developed immensely as a person, and hopefully that will translate into my webmaster abilities as well.

There’s some big news for me as I start over here on my old domain: I’m finding my way around WordPress! I never used to use it, and just did everything in HTML and CSS using PHP includes. Converting a layout to a WordPress theme is a challenge I’m up for… but it might be a while. My skills are a little rusty to say the least, as the extent of my web design in the past few years has been running my waterskiing team’s website.

Right now I’m just trying to get everything organized and I’m using a basic WordPress theme I downloaded. It’s not my favorite thing to look at but it’s definitely better than nothing, and better than anything I could do properly until I get a better grasp on themes as opposed to simply HTML/CSS layouts like I’m used to. 😛

It’s occurring to me that no one will probably be reading this post; it’s been ages since Clompish.com had any sort of following or regular visitation. It feels good to get some real information and a game plan out on the front page, though, instead of just looking at a blank screen or a cheesy test post. It makes me feel like I’m making progress… and who doesn’t love that feeling?