Written on November 28th, 2014

the last five minutes of math class
are as long as five hours of laughs
funny how we wish the time away
(how many days?)
then try to take it back
because when you’re sitting chained to your desk
and you can’t move without a teacher’s initials
it seems the only direction to go is out
but when you’re walking down a folding chair aisle
no passbook in hand
it will scare you just how many outs there are

I like how the second hand pauses after every time it moves
as if debating whether or not to go forward
like it wants to stay behind and live, not remember
but it never stands still for long
(the second hand is smarter than most of us)

we keep time just as well as the clocks we watch
countdowns and timers, waiting for bombs to go off
the second hand might only move because it doesn’t have a choice

but we do

I just don’t know if I want to run
or become a statue in this place