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Written on August 20th, 2016

my wrist bears mount everest water and dead sea mud an Ireland daisy preserved in glass held by a chain of hearts a watch, a pedometer, a silent alarm and a hair tie to pull everything together my hand bears scars and callouses sometimes a pencil or phone often it carries the weight of necessary […]

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Written on May 9th, 2016

when you feel your voice rising in volume you cringe wishing you could take back the laugh too loud, too fast, too weird you want to recede into the background at the same time you want to explain to everyone why you are the way you are you are so non-confrontational that your life has […]

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Written on April 14th, 2015

it’s easy to write sad poems; when you’re not around, of course I want to make you exist on paper but why would I want to share my happy moments with a pen instead of you? I’m hypocritical – I love writing, but writing does not see me when I am lovable it sees me […]

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Written on April 10th, 2015

every morning I have to wake up to a vacancy sign in the place where your support is supposed to be I don’t know what’s worse – the emptiness, or the burn in my throat that’s all too real I can’t take a single step without memories threatening to breach the floodgates I created in […]

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Your Definition

Written on February 17th, 2015

reading faces is different than reading books your lexile score can’t tell you what kind of friend you are or how many people will leave you a high ACT doesn’t mean you’ll be that many points happier and your 4.0 can make you think you know it all only to let you down when you’re […]

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