Written on December 3rd, 2014

I like words, and the way sentences form from their collisions
I can appreciate their letters, soft L’s or sharp K’s
a rollercoaster of pronunciation that, if done right,
can make your stomach
adrenaline in the form of pencil led and chicken scratches
like a code pleading to be broken,
like emotion begging to be pinned down
in the most freeing of ways

don’t say I don’t like letters
I just hate the way you warp them
sine of x reads like sin(x)
sin – a disgrace, a mistake
en Español, without – the way I feel empty when I get a problem wrong
I haven’t memorized the unit circle
but I know about the circle of life

I could write you a sonnet,
but all you want is an equation solved
boasting your concrete answers as if such things exist in the real world
(but the only concrete things are pavement,
and the walls of this room)

I’m an expert at counting down the seconds until this period ends
but not so adept at computing the definite integral of f(x)

is anything definitive at all?