Written on February 27th, 2018

this year, I decided to chase courage
in 20 years of life I’ve never seen myself as brave
my hands are soft — I’m still no warrior
but I’ve learned strength is more than the grip to yield a sword

brave is being honest despite the truth’s barbs
it’s asking the question — even if the only answer is “turmoil”
brave is accepting the very worst parts of yourself
courage is knowing they are not your definition

brave is clutching hope with white knuckles and bulged veins
and sometimes, it’s embracing the fear of opening your palms
brave is pushing back the covers to put your feet on the floor
trusting your legs to hold even the weight of your mistakes

brave is staying soft when the world screams “fight back!”
it is both the quiet of reflection and the roar of a battle cry
brave is looking in the mirror and wiping away the distortions
courage is running headfirst towards smoke and finding ways to thrive in the heat

brave is admitting “I am weaker than I want to be”
even if your voice is nothing more than a whisper
brave is imagining your branches filling the sky
courage is remembering “I can still grow.”