About Me

I’m Haley, and if you can come up with a cool nickname, feel free to call me whatever you want. I’m twenty years old and sometimes hardly feel like an adult, but I think we’re all still learning.

Sunset on a beach with my fabulous floppy hatSenior picture in a field because fields are gorgeous

I’m a third-year senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison looking forward to graduating with a BBA in marketing and a certificate in graphic design in May 2018. A born and raised Cheesehead, I love calling Wisconsin home.

Writing has been my passion for years; in the fourth grade I wrote a novel almost three hundred pages long about a lost dog on a fabulous and horrible adventure to find his way home. It was certainly not the world’s best work, but I still felt accomplished. Ever since then words have become my outlet for everything from my opinions to my emotions to my gratitude, and I couldn’t imagine a world where I didn’t feel at home with a pencil in hand.

Besides language, I love waterskiing on a show team, reading whatever I can get my hands on, and singing off key as often as possible. Christmas is my ultimate favorite day of the year and bad jokes are my forte. I’m blessed to have an amazing fiancé, the most supportive family and friends I could ever ask for, and pets who are some of the biggest joys in my life.

I talk too much and think even more, but every day I’m doing my best to live fully and happily. Memories are invaluable to me and the future is all at once scary and exciting.

I exist in a few other places on the internet: I have a professional website at haleyeyoung.com, and you can find me on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to get on my good side fast, just say nice things about elephants.

About Clompish

The name Clompish has origins that date back to my fifth-grade year in 2007. My best friend at the time moved to Texas, and right before she left we bought a stuffed dinosaur together named Clomps. We stayed in touch by sending him back and forth with letters, and I named my first ever (freely hosted, poorly constructed) website after him. My coding was amateur and my design skills rudimentary, but I fell in love with the digital world. This original blog/graphics site of mine went through many name changes, but I eventually purchased the domain Clompish.com.

As I grew older and entered junior high, my time for casual website design and blogging decreased and I was outgrowing many of the things that had inspired my website in the first place; thus Clompish fell inactive for years. As I finished high school in 2015 and decided to start back up on the internet with a writing portfolio of sorts, I couldn’t resist keeping the name Clompish for old time’s sake. It’s a little strange and quirky, but it still makes me smile. Some things never grow old.

Clompish is a place for me to keep and showcase my writing in all its forms. I’m not in the business of forcing this website to be anything particular; like my writing, I’m happy just seeing where it goes. My work displayed here ranges from personal to academic to everything in-between, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Clompish runs on WordPress; I developed this theme after drawing inspiration from a multitude of other simple blogging themes, especially Kihon. The woodgrain background is from here; all written work on Clompish is mine; and all images belong to me, are free for personal/commercial use from Pexels, or have attribution in the respective post.