Written on December 5th, 2017

I found myself in the spaces between board games and TV binges
the open curls at the end of our questions, the goofy smiles that chased our jokes
I was given joy in people who know every one of my flaws
but decide to hang out for another night anyway
pals who taught me to sleep less and laugh more
that insults are one of the highest currencies of friendship
that being a mess doesn’t make you unlovable
that there is nothing more important than our connections

and there will be other houses that mean a lot to me, I know
but I’ll never stop saying “thank you” for this one
because months ago I crept in feeling nervous about the year ahead
and today my heart has never felt so full

who knows exactly where we all go from here? I don’t
but I will reach for these memories in every trial to come
I never realized ice cream runs and Batman voices could breed so much fulfillment
but with the right people, I learned even silence is enough to spark joy
and I know this semester hasn’t been everything — there is so much still ahead
but it sure has been a lot for me

I say it too much, but hear me out once more:
thank you
thank you
thank you
for making this house a home.